IVAC Industrial Vacuum Units

Our Industrial vacuum units are famous the world over for being able to pump the un-pumpable.   One thing that we understand about our customers is that when they have a tough job like pumping gravel, sand, rocks or sludge reliability is essential. As a result our units are expertly engineered from only the highest quality components.


Built tough – just like Australia

Canadian manufactured they were designed from the outset with tough materials and tough environments in mind. Operating at a wide range of different temperatures and in extremely testing environments they are perfectly suited to the extremes of the Australian landscape.

We stand behind our machines – every step of the way

We know that you’ve got a job to do and that getting that job done is only going to happen if you can rely on the equipment that you’re relying on. We offer after sales care nationwide. What’s more the extremely high quality components of the units mean that you’ve got a solid, reliable member of the team that will keep on pumping until the job is done.

Trusted around the world

You can find IVAC Industrial Vacuum units around the globe, wherever there is a serious need for some serious suction. Dealing with both wet and dry materials, with maintenance free pumps and manufactured to exacting standards they are the trusted choice for mining companies worldwide.

How we can help you.

We understand that every application for our units is different, we’d like to take the opportunity to discuss your needs with you and recommend a unit that is going to do what you need it to do. Leave your details below and one of our specialists will be in touch with you within 24 hours, or alternatively call Adam on 1300 690 248.